Why Cmd key default behaviour is not absolute in Gnome Shell?

The default action when pressing Cmd/Win key is to change between “desktop” view and “activities” view, that’s great but it is not like that on every situation and that’s somehow confusing.
For example:
If you click “Activities” at the upper left corner it changes the view from one to another while keeping the Cmd key function if you press it, but if you click ANY other element from the top bar it shows the view related with that and unless you click outside that view the Cmd key remains useless.
I see the Cmd key as the Desktop equivalent to “home” in mobile, that always should/must behave exactly the same no matter what.
My question is: Is there a reason for this behavior? And if not I would like to suggest changing that. I really love Gnome and I think that is one of the few drawbacks it has.
Just an idea.

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