Why are the Field Types the same as the Field Name in a GIFieldInfo

I’ve retrieved GIField Information from a GObject based typelib, and I’m getting data like this:

Fields: 31
  WidgetClass            parent_class         (R)
  eof                    eof                  (R)
  child_exited           child_exited         (R)
  encoding_changed       encoding_changed     (R)
  char_size_changed      char_size_changed    (R)
  window_title_changed   window_title_changed (R)
  array                  padding              (R)
  TerminalClassPrivate * priv                 (R)

Now it seems I’m in the right place, because the type information looks fine for the “padding” , “parent_class” and “priv” fields, but why are the others not the same. How can I retrieve the right data for those in question?

What do you mean “looks fine”?

parent_class/padding/priv are all private members you shouldn’t care about anyway

In your example (VteTerminal?) the other items listed, as you’d expect in a class, are vfuncs

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