Which branch to submit fix commit? master or stable branch?

I have a GTK fix commit I would like to submit as my first merge request.

I created and tested the fix on a local branch from a recent stable-release branch (3.24.21). Which upstream branch should I reference in the merge request? The same stable-release branch (which would make the merge simple) or master (which has advanced quite a bit since the stable-release branch)?

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The main development branch is for the development of GTK4; GTK3, the stable version, is developed and released from the gtk-3-24 branch.

If your fix applies to both branches, you will need to open two separate merge requests: one against the master branch, and one against the gtk-3-24 branch.

Thanks. I submitted a merge request to the gtk-3-24 branch. I’ll submit another to master if this one is approved.

Do I need to make a formal request to someone to review and/or merge it or will it be reviewed automatically? The change is in the gdk/win32 directory and there was no code owner listed for that location.

Maintainers receive a notification for every new merge request (and any new comment); you might need to ask for specific people to review: see the CODEOWNERS file. If nobody is listed for that specific subset of files, look at the history of committers.

In general, the contribution guidelines should answer most questions.

Great. Thanks for the info!

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