Where to put error dialog if the error comes from a popover

Hello, Is this the correct platform to ask for UI help?

For the app I am working on, I need to find a proper place to display a feedback when the user enters a nonsensical input. Normally, I would display an Error dialog but I am not sure which window to set it’s modal as.

Also is it possible to focus on the a specific widget and create a red border around it? This is to point out where the input went wrong.

Screenshot from 2021-01-03 17-20-16

I am thinking of creating a stackswitcher in the popover and show up an error stack when something went wrong along with a “Back” button to get back to the original page.

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There is an error CSS class (depending on the widget type?) which usually does this and you can use gtk_widget_grab_focus() which should work for Gtk3 and Gtk4.

Hii. In my point of view, instead of creating a pop up for error, you can show the error message just below or above all widgets in the window where the mistake has happened.

But if you think pop up is better, please go ahead with it.

What if you replace the popover with a window?

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