Where is the Tutorial for GtkTreeView migration to Gtk > 4.10?

i hope there is one.
This is a giant task to do on one of the maybe most complicated widgets of Gtk.

In fact i really hope it’s only deprecated but not removed, even in Gtk5 as i can’t see anything then the most active projects going to do it.

Currently, there isn’t one, but we’re happy to review contributions to the GTK developer documentation. After all, there was no GtkTreeView tutorial in the GTK API reference either.

There are many demos in the gtk4-demo application that can be used to see how the list widgets are used for common (and less common) tasks.

GtkTreeView isn’t replaced by a single widget, though: the introduction to the new list widgets shows which objects and types replace the various GtkTreeView machinery.

GtkTreeView, GtkIconView, GtkComboBox and friends have been deprecated in GTK4, and will only be removed in GTK5, as per the usual GTK policy.

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