Where did the meld menus go?

I’m seeing hints that maybe they’ve been removed, but the changelog certainly doesn’t make this clear nor explain how I’m to function without them if this is indeed intended. For a brief period, I’m pretty sure I had a toolbar still, but now that’s not here either. It wouldn’t have been much use due to my 4k monitor and preference for the Plasma DE – the icons end up being too small to recognize. I’ve reviewed the help page for keyboard shortcuts and don’t see anything for toggling menu visibility nor for the feature on the menu I most want to access, the “Merge all” (I think it was called) that did all the easy non-conflict merges.

Clearly something is wrong on my end, but what?

I got the toolbar back by pressing F11 which seems to toggle an undocumented full-screen mode. There I see a hamburger icon that has the menu structure from before. Is there no way to access the menus now with the keyboard? Yuck!

Not sure something on the first page of Keyboard Shortcuts is “undocumented”

F10 should work, but it seems it’s not implemented - probably worth opening a bug (assuming one doesn’t already exist)

Looks like it has been fixed already:

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