Where can I get tutorials on how to use glib-mkenums?

I tried looking for traces from the gtk source code, but couldn’t find it.

I think this should be simple, but I wasted half an hour on this.

I can’t get any useful information from GObject – 2.0: Enumeration types.

glib-mkenums has a manual page that you can read.

In general, you probably want to use Meson’s gnome.mkenums_simple() in your project.

Alternatively, if you have just a handful of enumeration types with a few values each, you can use the G_DEFINE_ENUM_TYPE macro.

Yes, I only have a few enum values, using a macro is enough to solve the problem.

I’ve looked at the results of ‘–help’ and can’t get how to use it. I don’t know what kind of text data it expects.

Regarding gnome.mkenums_simple(), I noticed the ‘sources’ data, it seems that simply providing glib-mkenums with some header files containing enum , I tried it, only get blank output

Manual pages are not read by running glib-mkenums --help but instead by man glib-mkenums.

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