Where are permissions stored for dbus/glib portals?

I get this error when using Epiphany:

GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Portal operation not allowed: Key file does not have group “Application”

It is coming from Glib Gio.

It is called by a routine in xdg-desktop-portal.c

  app_info = xdp_invocation_lookup_app_info_sync (invocation, NULL, &error);
  if (app_info == NULL)
      g_dbus_method_invocation_return_error (invocation,
                                             "Portal operation not allowed: %s", error->message);
      return FALSE;

I don’t know where I need to go to grant permission.

In the log file it’s shown as a WARNING but whatever web page I’m trying to view doesn’t show.

(epiphany:825936): epiphany-WARNING **: 14:25:38.801: Failed to search secrets in password schema: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Portal operation not allowed: Key file does not have group “Application”

Nowhere! This is a bug and it should never happen. It’s not a missing permission.

The flatpak-info keyfile is created here and it should always contain the group “Application” so I don’t know why you would be hitting that issue. What version of WebKitGTK and Epiphany are you using? You’re not using flatpak, are you?

Webkitgtk 2.38.2
Epiphany 42.4.
Not using flatpak, Epiphany/Web is not a flatpak Application.
Part of my confusion is I have xdg-desktop-portal which is part of the flatpak system (I guess), and libportal-gtk3.
It seems they are fighting.
I know just enough about this to be dangerous.

Do have the bubblewrap binary and I may have built webkitgtk with ENABLE_BUBBLEWRAP_SANDBOX:BOOL=ON

I’m afraid you’ll need to debug xdg-desktop-portal, which won’t be straightforward. The error is coming from here but question is why? Try adding some print statements inside xdp_invocation_lookup_app_info_sync() or stepping through it with gdb.

I made some significant progress.
I decided to focus on glib since that seemed to be the source of the errors.
Long story short:
did “strace” on the glib test program portal-support-env-var and strace showed a “.flatpak.info” file was being opened in the root directory. I deleted that file and now epiphany is mostly working and the glib test suite is showing two errors still that I need to track down.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

These are the errors I got before deleting the file.
222/342 glib:gio / pollable FAIL 1.76s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
223/342 glib:gio / sandbox FAIL 1.60s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
229/342 glib:gio / socket-service FAIL 1.73s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
276/342 glib:gio / trash FAIL 2.04s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
310/342 glib:gio / gsocketclient-slow FAIL 2.53s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
326/342 glib:gio / converter-stream FAIL 10.27s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
338/342 glib:gio / desktop-app-info FAIL 18.41s killed by signal 6 SIGABRT
339/342 glib:gio+no-valgrind / codegen.py FAIL 22.49s exit status 1
342/342 glib:gio / gnotification TIMEOUT 60.22s killed by signal 15 SIGTERM

Why did you have a .flatpak-info file on your host system? That’s super messed up.

The date stamp was pretty old. Probably something I did while I was playing around a while back got it put there. In any event, I don’t remember how it got there. It was an empty file. It always amazes me how these sorts of things often end up being something so silly. A question: The GKeyFIle should all end up in the /run/usr// tree and not be scattered around the system. Is that correct?

I intended the path to be: “/run/user/UID”

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