What is the "super menu"

In Gnome wiki “super menu” is mentioned. But no documentation for this “super menu” . Somebody knows?

Can you link to the specific page for context?

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https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Gnome_Web on How to Test .5 and .6

  • Add and open bookmarks from “gearwheel icon” - Bookmarks" menu. Manage them in “Super menu” - “Bookmarks”.
  • Login to some pages and store your passwords in Gnome Web. Manage them in “Super menu” - “Personal Data”.
  • Configure Gnome Web in “Super menu” - "Personal Data
    Maybe this is a very old text.

Nitpick: That’s Fedora Wiki not GNOME Wiki

It might have been talking about the App Menu, but given

This page was last edited on 4 October 2013, at 13:38.

…it may just be lost to time


@zbrown You are right it is fedora wiki, and it is used to test Gnome…

That still doesn’t impact GNOME. You should ask the person who wrote that entry on the Fedora wiki.

“Super”, in GNOME, is only ever a modifier for key combinations involving the Shell, or the key used to enter the activities overview/application launcher.

GNOME applications would either refer to a “primary menu” (the “gear” or “hamburger” menu button), or, for older versions of GNOME, to the application menu sitting in the top panel; neither of those is activated by Super, or called “Super menu”.

Since this refers to a specific application, I’d say it’s some old copy written without looking at the GNOME documentation.


The Wikipedia article for GNOME Web mentions it as well:

Web follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and platform-wide design decisions.[91] For example, in Web 3.4, the menu for application actions was moved to the GNOME Shell’s top panel application menu and the menu bar was replaced with “super menu” button, which triggers the display of window-specific menu entries.[92]

In any case, yes, it looks like this is quite old and should be updated. The Fedora Test List is probably the best place to bring it to someone’s attention.


I wonder where the wikipedia page took that term from, given the reference article (link behind the [92]) doesn’t seem to contain it.

For the sake of archeology :slight_smile: here’s a gnome.org blog post from 2012 which uses the term: https://blogs.gnome.org/xan/2012/01/17/epiphany-marches-on/

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