What is the proper replacement of GdkScreen in Gtk4


I’m trying to port some gtk3 projects to gtk4. And I found that a lot of projects use gdk_app_launch_context_set_screen to open windows in certain GdkScreen. What is the proper replacement of gdk_app_launch_context_set_screen in Gtk4?


GdkScreen was a remnant of the days when GTK only worked on X11, and mapped Xlib data structures into GDK; it was removed in GTK4 because even in GTK3 there has always been a single GdkScreen object: Gtk – 4.0: Migrating from GTK 3.x to GTK 4

You don’t really need to replace with something else; at most you can set a different GdkDisplay connection, but it’s not really necessary: Gdk.AppLaunchContext

Most functionality you could want has been moved to GdkDisplay. But there wasn’t much functionality you would want in the first place…

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