What are the conditions for see the user creation step?

Hello there, i have googled and read how the gnome-initial-setup work but i can’t find an answer at my question. I’m a Manjaro developer and we like the idea to use gnome-initial-setup in the OEM installation. At the moment g-i-s start as intended but not show the user creation task. Can help us?

Thank you in advance
Stefano Capitani


Initial Setup is launched in two ways:

  • When there are no users on the system, by GDM
  • For newly-created users, the first time they log in, with an XDG autostart file

You are interested in the first case. Here is the code in GDM which controls this, but the key thing is: your installer should not create any user accounts for humans.

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Thank you for answear, we modify calamares to do this… :smiley: . I report back any progress in our side…

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