What are each default miner in Tracker (especially RSS/ATOM Feeds)

Hi. I’m learning how to live with Tracker (in the past, I always turn it off).

I’m a user … not a developer.

In the tracker daemon CLI, we have 3 “Miners”:

  • RSS/ATOM Feeds
  • File System
  • Extractor

I couldn’t find in Tracker Websites (1, 2) what do each of these miners. Someone could explain to me?

This got more important to me because the miner RSS/ATOM Feeds is dying a lot in my machine:

 tracker daemon -f

(tracker daemon:7416): GLib-CRITICAL **: 12:37:04.441: g_variant_get: assertion 'value != NULL' failed

(tracker daemon:7416): Tracker-CRITICAL **: 12:37:04.441: Could not retrieve tracker-store progress, GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Remote peer disconnected

30 abr 2020, 12:37:04:  ✗     RSS/ATOM Feeds          - Not running or is a disabled plugin
30 abr 2020, 12:37:04:    1%  File System             - Crawling recursively directory 'file:///var/mnt/home/home/dread/Documents' 
30 abr 2020, 12:37:05:    0%  Extractor               - Extracting metadata 
Press Ctrl+C to stop

The File System and the Extractor work together to index content on your filesystem. They are needed for Tracker to index any local content.

The RSS/ATOM Feeds miner is not needed unless you want to use the GNOME News app, as far as I know. Seems that it has a bug on your system. What distro are you using and what version of Tracker is it?

Thanks for the constructive feedback :slight_smile:

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