Welcome to GIMP forum on GNOME Discourse

Hello everyone!

This is a first message to inaugurate our forum on GNOME Discourse. It will replace all our mailing lists as GNOME is discontinuating the mailing list infrastructure.

For people wishing to continue interacting in a mailing-list fashion, I’d suggest reading Interacting with Discourse via email.

Have fun GIMPing! :paintbrush::art::camera::computer::framed_picture:


oh. can’t post “moin!” by itself: messages have to be 20char long.


Well I read Interacting with Discourse via email but it does not work. Good “start”…

Well I read Interacting with Discourse via email but it does not work. Good “start”…

Testing myself a bit Discourse these last 2 days, I actually simplified this to 2 simple steps for anyone who wants to receive all emails tagged ‘gimp’ in their email client and respond directly from there:

  1. Go to Topics tagged gimp and notice the bell icon on top right, just above the messages list. Click it and select the “Watching” mode.
  2. Go to the “Emails” tab in Preferences and change the settings “Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics” to “always”.

Once you have done these 2 things, you will receive all the messages tagged “gimp” in your email client. And only those. I have tried for 2 days now, and it seems to work fine. You can normally respond by email too (which I am testing with this message itself). I think it will even handle markdown. Now you might be forced to top-post and copy-paste pieces of text you answer to (I’m also testing quoting here), because I’m not sure how the Discourse server will respond with pieces of messages mixed to the original text.

P.S.: in particular, there are mentions of a “mailing list mode”. Do not check this! Apparently it makes you receive every email from the Discourse server with a completely reverse logic, i.e. you have to explicitly opt-out to categories, tags… This makes this option absolutely non-usable in practice (especially since a thread can have several tags; so assume a thread was tagged “glib” and “gimp”, if you muted “glib” but want to see “gimp” threads, would you still receive it? Not even considering the fact that I’m sure new tags will come and it could be hard to keep up). So yeah, using the “mailing list mode” is a bad idea. But the 2 steps above worked for me so far.

P.P.S.: results from the markdown testing by email: quoting and syntax stuff like single and double asterisks (italic, bold) worked. But the newlines were completely broken (except for the first list item, all the rest came as a block). This will need to be tested more. This is the edited version, to be readable.

P.P.P.S.: oh there was also a link (the link to the “gimp” tag) which the system removed from the email. Is it a security measure? I re-added it.


I very quickly saw your message as I was on this page. I assume you found what you needed. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the explanations. It works for me now. Now I have to create a mail filter on my local MUA and I’ll be almost as it was before. Thanks again!

BWT any hint on how to differentiate any GIMP related messages from the more general Gnome messages from the point of view of an email filter?

BWT any hint on how to differentiate any GIMP related messages from the more general Gnome messages from the point of view of an email filter?

This is also something we wondered too (we discussed this on IRC). We searched and unfortunately, it seems like the tags are not leaking out at all in the emails (even looking at email sources, hoping tags would be part of some metadata somewhere: nope!). Only the category is leaking (e.g. here through a [Community] in the subject), but GIMP was implemented as a tag, not a category in this forum.

I guess a feature request should be proposed to Discourse for this.

P.S.: I just tested quoting by directly answering in the body of the notification email here. Unfortunately it didn’t work (I got a notification saying my answer was too short, likely because it didn’t see my actual answer! I.e. everything which was in-between the quoted text). So that’s one more thing to know: with Discourse, we’ll have to top-post and copy-paste pieces of the previous emails if we need to quote (using the > syntax which is properly formatted as quoting in markdown). No more fights over top-posting vs. inline replying vs. bottom posting: top-post won! :scream::rofl:

Thank you very much for your interest in this topic.

You’re welcome. I just want the technology switch to go as smoothly as possible for everyone. :smile:

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I like it. For one thing, no scripts. I can’t remember the last website I visited with no scripts running amok on it.

Someone is now going to have to update the gimp.org website to point here instead of to the mailing lists


Hi! Just joined after seeing that the mail list is closing… I guess that all gimp-web related work should be specified in the title of the topic right?

You can use the Community category alongside the gimp and web tags to allow people to watch just the tags they are interested in.

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