Web epiphany does not show video

On Fedora 35 here. In GNOME Web, most videos never load. Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Youtube ads often show, but the actual video after the ad almost never shows. For some reason, “Song for the future generations” by the B52’s does work, which is nice. But I’d rather see other videos too. :slight_smile: Am I missing some codec or something else? Maybe related to PipeWire or something? In Firefox, everything works. Sorry for the vague question, but I’m at a total loss trying to troubleshoot the issue.

Update: To make things more confusing, YouTube Music works, and it shows videos too.

You are seeing ads? Is the adblock feature enabled? We use a special script from AdGuard specifically to block ads on youtube.com, https://github.com/AdguardTeam/BlockYouTubeAdsShortcut. It is enabled by default and works for me.

It’s expected to be broken before your first system update for legal reasons. After your first system update, it ought to work. Please check: rpm -qi gstreamer1-openh264. That package is required. Try installing it if it’s missing, although it really shouldn’t be missing.

Also please check: rpm -qi gstreamer1-vaapi. If that’s installed – it really shouldn’t be, unless you installed it manually – then try uninstalling it, since it often breaks video playback on particular hardware.

Another thing to check: rpm -qi gstreamer1-libav. This package isn’t available from Fedora for legal reasons, but it’s worth checking for because if you installed it from elsewhere then you’re going to have a completely different (should be better) media pipeline than the normal one.

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Hey there,

I tried all that but I’m still having problems, sadly. Only on youtube though.

Please show:

$ rpm -qi epiphany | grep -C1 Version
$ rpm -qi webkit2gtk3 | grep -C1 Version
$ rpm -qi gstreamer1-openh264 | grep -C1 Version
$ rpm -qi gstreamer1-vaapi | grep -C1 Version
$ rpm -qi gstreamer1-libav | grep -C1 Version
$ flatpak list

Hey Michael, thanks for answering, see output below.

I can’t find gstreamer1-openh264 on the repository though, only gstreamer1-plugin-openh264.

Also, I haven’t tested the flatpak version yet, gonna do it now.

Edit: Also had problems with the flatpak version:

Postman               com.getpostman.Postman                   8.12.4               stable flathub system
Spotify               com.spotify.Client              stable flathub system
Fedora Platform       org.fedoraproject.Platform               35                   f35    fedora  system
Freedesktop Platform  org.freedesktop.Platform                 21.08.4              21.08  flathub system
Mesa                  org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default      21.2.2               21.08  flathub system
nvidia-495-44         …g.freedesktop.Platform.GL.nvidia-495-44                      1.4    flathub system
openh264              org.freedesktop.Platform.openh264        2.1.0                2.0    flathub system
GNOME Web             org.gnome.Epiphany                       41.0                 stable fedora  system
Adwaita dark GTK the… org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Adwaita-dark                                3.22   flathub system
Qogir-dark GTK theme  org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Qogir-dark                                  3.22   flathub system

I just got the name of the package wrong, it is indeed gstreamer1-plugin-openh264. Does not matter, because gstreamer1-libav takes precedence.

Which Epiphany are you actually using? You have it installed as both RPM and Flatpak. Normally you would want only one.

If you are using the system Epiphany, did you try removing gstreamer1-vaapi like I suggested? That is my current guess: you are using the system Epiphany, and gstreamer1-vaapi is broken.

If you are using the flatpak Epiphany, then I’m not sure what to suspect.

I was using the RPM version, then uninstalled it and then tested the flatpak version.

I unnistalled the gstreamer1-vaapi but its not working.

Running the RPM version through the terminal I only got this message Failed to establish dbus connection, not sure if it has anything to do with it. Could it be some problem with Nvidia cards ?

That’s it? It doesn’t say anything else? That’s very bad and it means something is very broken, but if it doesn’t say anything more than that, there’s no way to know if it’s related to this issue or not since we don’t know what it was failing to connect to.

It could, yes. Probably zero WebKit developers use NVIDIA graphics, so random bugs are pretty normal with this hardware.

Anyway, it’s time for a bug report on WebKit Bugzilla. Can you take a GStreamer debug log following the instructions at WebKitGTK/Debugging – WebKit please? Probably easiest to stick with the RPM version for now. Then report the bug on WebKit Bugzilla, Media component. Prefix the title of your bug report with “[GStreamer]” and CC bugs-noreply@webkitgtk.org to ensure it is noticed. Be sure to include the software versions you already mentioned above.

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I’ll do that, thanks.

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