Vala December Meetup

The Vala Discord community is organizing a casual online meetup during the first weekend of december (3rd~4th)

It’s an opportunity to meet other Vala programmers and showcase your projects, get to know about other people’s projects, prepare a presentation for a conference, or just stay updated about the going ons in the community and have fun!

The event will be on the Vala Discord, in the “general” voice channel. Link: Vala

A very brief FAQ:

Q: Can I reserve some time in the schedule for a more formal presentation?
A: Yes but in a limited way; if you have a micro talk of about 5 to 15 minutes, send Doigt or Prince781 a private message on Discord with your slides and we’ll edit the announcement post to list your presentation. However, we will not enforce it. It is up to you to show up and ask the people who are in conversation if you can do your presentation. We’ll also limit the number of reserved speaking time.

Q: Why the whole weekend?
A: Because it’s easier to deal with different timezones that way; with 48 hours running, we can be sure there’s less chance for people to miss the event.

Q: What’s the goal?
A: Help foster the community’s growth, attachment and unity. Ultimately though, it’s to have fun.

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It’s great to see the meetup coming soon, thanks for you all.

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this is a reminder that the Vala Meetup will happen next weekend during the 3rd and 4th of december. We have not received any request to reserve time for a mini talk, but we’ll keep you posted if someone ends up having a presentation prepared for the event.

Btw it’s a shame we can’t edit older posts because we got a mini talk to add. Oh well, here’s a presentation that will occur during the course of the events:

December 3rd at 6:30 pm UTC by JCWasmx86: Conquer is a hackable, round-based strategy game JCWasmx86 developed. In this talk he will showcase the game, its architecture and some technical decisions.

If there are other minitalks planned, I will keep you updated!

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