Using sway as the window manager instead of mutter and gnome-shell

I’m currently trying to get gnome to use sway as its window manager. I know this has been done before with i3 (i3-gnome and regolith), but when I try to replicate the same procedure, gnome-session won’t even start. It seems like gnome-session is using Xorg instead of Wayland.

Just for reference, you can view my progress here.

That is not a supported configuration. GNOME is GNOME, and does not support different compositors. In other words: you can run GNOME apps under Sway or whatever else, but that’s just about the only thing you can do.

If you want to run session components you’re entirely on your own, and there are no guarantees that’ll ever work.

I would suggest to use the session files from Phosh as a starting point, rather than trying to convert an X11 configuration:

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