Using Settings > Printer to install a WiFi printer

I have wasted hours of my time and that of others helping me on a forum trying to install a printer connected by WiFi. It was finally resolved when someone suggested uninstalling a utility called braille-printer-app. This thing took over Settings>Printer, installed a Braille printer and connect it to localhost. I couldn’t change the Address of the printer, so it printed to a file. I could not change that so could not print. I have no idea where it came from and consider myself very lucky that someone knew about it and suggested uninstalling it. What is this thing and should I file a bug for Settings asking for it to be disabled?

That’s a weak dependency for cups-filters, which is a requirement for cups:

> dnf -q repoquery --whatrecommends braille-printer-app

> dnf -q repoquery --whatrequires cups-filters

If you think this is a problem, open an issue against cups-filters:
How to file a bug :: Fedora Docs

Thanks, I’ll report a bug.