Using glib-rs in reverse

In we’re using the glib crate in both its normal case (call C from Rust) as well as the “reverse” case of having an API primarily implemented in Rust that is called from C.

Two questions:

First, I know of libsrvg as one example of this - are there other good examples of codebases doing this?

(FWIW I like this pattern I made up of having a mod ffi sub-module, a bit like the mod tests pattern)

I notice for example both librsvg and rpm-ostree carry code to convert a Result back into GError (librsvg gerror code and rpm-ostree gerror code - feels like it’d make sense to try to have this in glib-rs right?

And a more specific question: is there an API in glib-rs like this code I just removed? In particular in some hot paths I’d like to avoid UTF-8 validation and the malloc/memcpy by converting to String.

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If good, I don’t know, but I made an example project like this a while ago. You can find it here:

I should probably clean that up a bit and update with the latest idioms :slight_smile: librsvg is definitely a better place to look at currently.

Apart from that there’s gst-plugins-rs which provides various GStreamer plugins that can be used from C or other languages, but the C API it provides is in terms of the existing GStreamer/GObject C API and it does not provide any C API by itself, so probably not exactly what you’re looking for either.

Personally I think the pattern in librsvg is a good example of how you can do it and that’s how I would also do it in other projects. GLib-related or not. You’d have some ffi or capi module that exposes the C API, and everything else organized like a normal Rust crate. That’s also what you find with most crates using cargo-c for providing a C library (rav1e, lewton, ebur128, etc.).

There isn’t directly but inside the gtk-rs/gstreamer-rs crates there are various direct uses of std::ffi::CStr for avoiding the malloc/memcpy if it’s safe to do. And you can get something close to this via glib::GString::from_glib_borrow(), which is used e.g. for signal handlers or virtual methods to not have to do copies of string arguments.

Thanks for the reply!

That is useful yep, though it doesn’t look like it has any GError usage:

I guess none of the GStreamer APIs are using GError?

Ah…I think previously I thought GString was a binding for the glib string and kind of skimmed over it but indeed, I think using that borrow is exactly what I want, thanks!

This might be what you’re looking for. That’s for an interface virtual method, but would basically look the same for any other C function you’d expose.

Yeah it’s a bit confusing… glib::String is GString, glib::GString is a C string that might be allocated by g_malloc()

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Random thought: maybe alias it to glib::CUtf8Str ?

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