User guide for 42 and beyond?

Found this one at GNOME Library - Users but it’s only for GNOME 3.

If you open the Help app on your system, open its menu (button with 3 vertical bars) and go to “All Help” there that gives you the same list of help for the apps on your system (though it isn’t categorized as on your link). That help is the same as you can access individually from each apps’ Help menu.

I don’t known for the website other than that it shows the same as under “All Help”.

Oh, nice, something that doesn’t depend on an active Internet connection!

Do you think that on GNOME Library - Users next to the Previous versions link, another link called “Future versions” can be added, pointing to the Help application, like you described?

I don’t known for the website other than what you can also see. Somebody else might know about status/plans for it. I guess it’s built with the software from here

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