Update an immutable wiki page

Hi all,

is it possible for some people at GNOME with elevated rights to update a immutable wiki page? In particular I am talking about Initiatives/GnomeGoals/GioPort - GNOME Wiki! and would update the line with gnome-commander from “to do” to “done”. Can that be done by someone for me? In case I should do it by myself and you want to put me on the “TrustedEditorGroup page”, my username is “Uwe Scholz”

Thanks and kind regards

PS: Gnome Commander has been migrated recently from GnomeVFS to GIO and will be released with this new feature in about two weeks.

That wiki page is not really useful: these days we use GitLab to track initiatives. Additionally, the GIO port is pre-3.0 work. There’s no point in updating that page, because all the GNOME components that matter to the release team have already been ported nearly 12 years ago.

Still I would like to have the mentioned wiki page updated as it is publicly available and it does not represent the current state. As there is no date mentioned, a reader might make wrong conclusions.

Thanks for pointing me to the GitLab page, I was not aware of the initiatives section.

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