Unusual memory usage for gnome-shell

Not sure where or how to categorize this, I am running POP! OS and finding my memory use to be high on gnome-shell. Here is my htop showing my current usage.

2.8 GB RSS is certainly unusual. And it’s the one running as user gdm, i.e. the login screen. Uptime also doesn’t seem very high (less than 2 days). Assuming gnome-shell started at about 300 megs RSS and has been increasing its RAM usage steadily, that’s about 50 megs per hour!

What version of gnome-shell do you have? Do you know if other POP! OS users have been experiencing similar problems?

Package: gnome-shell
Version: 3.32.2-2ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04.1~1563463844~19.04~d228ffb
Wasnt much I could find on the POP!OS reddit page, not the chat.
I added swap file to increase swap to 2x ram(16GB total swap) and that seems to have resolved some issues. I do need to upgrade my ram to 16 GB tho
gnome%20resources gnome-shell%20usage

This known issue on Pop!_OS and will be fixed by the Pop team.

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Is the shell memory usage linked to the number of open windows, or are we talking negligible amounts per window? I’m looking at Gnome Shell v3.32.2+11+g1c6abf378-1 taking upwards of 1.3 gigs of resident memory here for the user’s shell and an uptime of 58 days.

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