Two GtkSpinners is displayed

The below MR added GtkSpinner feature while loading package release notes in GNOME Software.

And the following is displayed. ( 2 spinners 1 small + 1 big - both spinning simultaneously )

This is GTK 4. I looked into the code, and there is nothing obviously wrong.

Any idea why this happens ?

Hello, @Sid! As a first step, open the GTK inspector and see if there are actually two GtkSpinner widgets in there

That’s the first thing I checked.

Anyways, I’ve opened a new issue in GTK:

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This is not a GTK issue.

The issue appears to be due to the "icon-dropshadow" css style class that was added in the below commit in GNOME Software.

I just didn’t guess that CSS could do this kind of stuff ( animated shadows )

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