Tutorial in GTK4 for beginners

I want to contribute code to “Gnome Text Editor” but I’m newbie in Gtk and libadwaita, and I look for tutorial for beginners.
If somebody know were can I find it, I would appreciate…


You can start from the the beginners tutorials on the GNOME developer documentation website.

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Thank you very much!

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@ebassi - I read that tutorial and I also watched your great video course on youtube on that. This course helped me a lot indeed.
However when I tried to understand the code of the “Gnome Text Editor” - it was too much for me… The difference between a tutorial demo program and a real program is substantial. I saw how to build a program from the bottom to the top (in your course), but now I need the opposite - to understand a full-fledged program from the top (general overview) to the bottom (finest details). How do I approach such a task?!

I saw projects that used to annotate source code with comments that doxygen can understand and then it generated docs that had an overview of all classes and their dependencies… But I don’t see such thing in G-T-E…

If it is not too much - may I ask you, @ebassi , to create a video podcast that would explain how a newbie can approach a bunch of existing GTK code and try to understand it, please? How to understand what are the different classes, how are they interconnected, what is of primary importance and what can be left for a later stage? If you yourself is not part of the G-T-E developers then it would be even better - as you indeed need to understand it yourself and just document your journey in a video podcast… I think it will be an important part of the docs for beginners…

Thank you!

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