Treemodelfilter and row_separator_func problems

I am having difficulties with row_separator function in a filtered view. This is my function (in perl)

$ctl->{view}->set_row_separator_func(sub {
		my ($store, $iter) = @_;
		my $iterm;
		my $modelst;
		if ($modelr=~/Filter/){
		else {$iterm=$iter;
		my $row = $modelst->get_path($iterm)->get_indices;
		if ($ctl->{sep} == 1) {
			if ($row =~ /\d*[13579]$/xsm) {
				return 1;
		else {
			return 0;
	  }, undef

It runs but no row separators in view. It works perfectly with a non-filtered view.

any ideas appreciated

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