Transform Copy of Plan

What is the best way of restoring this image back to the original? It is distorted linearly in all directions with uneven x and y axis distortion.

Looking to rotate it 90°, move the margin corners to a rectangle aligned horizontally and vertically, and then scale the x and y axis.

It seems to me a perspective transform rather than a linear transform. Preceded or followed by a 90° rotation.

If you choose the corrective option, it is easy to align the straight lines to the grid.

Perspective transform, in “corrective” mode:

Result (guides added to show clean angles):

Important: the Perspective transform cannot guess the actual aspect ratio of the original image, so the result can require being re-scaled in one direction using “out-of-band” data (for instance if you now that the original sheet of paper is Letter or A4, or that some vertical and horizontal parts of the image should have specific length ratios).

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