Thx to a bug I get it now - no dock can be fun

Just thought I’d share a funny observation I’ve made recently.
So stock Gnome was never viable for me. It is close, over the years the number of extensions I use decreased. But I’ve always installed some sort of dock (for example dash-to-dock).
So with Gnome 42 there has been an issue - while I was able to get a dock for it (pulled sources from Github) it was hardly usable due a bug in Gnome itself. Basically the system was not aware that you’re no longer hovering over some item . Which meant that dock wouldn’t hide. Awful.

So just to replicate somewhat my usual workflow I’ve installed extension that allowed me to manipulate hot corners. I’ve set it up so the whole bottom edge could activate overview.
And damn, that worked surprisingly well. Makes perfect sense with horizontal workspaces and also minimizes cursor travel between activation of overview and launching pinned (“favorite”) app (one of the reasons I’m not entirely sold on hot top left corner) when I’m using mostly mouse.

Surprising thing is that I’m not sure I’ll get back to regular dock.
I’ve just got a patch for the mentioned bug, so immediately turned dash-to-dock on and… I’m really thinking about removing it.
If I go this route the only minor thing I’ll probably do is to use some sort of simple extension that would make minimize animation direct towards bottom (towards favorites panel), not top-left as it would make more sense with this setup.
Super surprised about that.

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