Three Columns View

Good day every one!
I’ve just upgraded my Ubuntu to Jammy Jellyfish, and therefore I discovered the new version of Geary. And honestly I like it a lot, but I was sad to see that the three columns view setting has disappear.

That’s why I post that subject, because I want to know more about that change… And also it is possible to get an add-on to get that option again.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

I think it’s a bug. This happens when your window size is too small, and Geary decides to switch to mobile mode. This is intended for smartphones, but it’s happening for large desktop-sized windows too. Lacking a proper fix, you can resize your window to be larger, and that will probably “fix” this for you.

We should probably report a bug for this…

I cannot find the commit or the MR which introduced this change.
As far as I remember, this option was removed when Geary started using a responsive layout, which is a good thing (Geary could be used on mobile phones).

@LaloGNOME Why do you miss the old option? Perhaps you’re missing the two (not three) column view?
If I shrink the window size progressively, it goes from 3 columns to 1 column, but never 2 columns.

Consider that there was a discussion about reworking the left column - aka sidebar - entirely:

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