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I am using Ubuntu 18.04 with Arc Darker theme. Is there any resource which we can refer to what applies where ? Something like we change the CSS through inspect element in the browser. I would like to replace certain elements with my choice of colours locally. Any help will be great.

GTK 3 has an inspector that you can use out of the box to inspect the CSS and other aspects of the application’s UI. For the Shell, there’s looking glass.

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Thanks @ebassi

When I tried the command, this is what I get

$ gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.Debug enable-inspector-keybinding true
No such schema “org.gtk.Settings.Debug”

The schema is provided by GTK itself, so I’d look into what your distribution is doing.

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What should I do now ? I didn’t quite understand what is wrong. Thanks.

You may need to install development files, named something like libgtk-3-dev, to get the inspector keybinding to work. Or you could try it with the GTK_DEBUG=interactive environment variable.

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@jcrain Can you give commands, please . I haven’t tried this before. Thanks.

Installed libgtk-3-dev through Synaptic Package Manager. And used dconf to set keybindng as True. Still nothing happens for ctrl+shift + d/i

Then I tried

gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.Debug enable-inspector-keybinding true


GTK_DEBUG=interactive nautilus

Even after this second approach, nothing happened.

GTK_DEBUG=interactive gedit

The above one works. But not with nautilus or GIMP, I tried.

Update :

It works with Nautilus too. But I have keep Nautilus closed and the command will invoke it.

GIMP uses GTK 2, so it won’t have an inspector. Only GTK 3 applications will.

Nautilus is a single instance application: every time you invoke it, if it’s already running, it will not create a new instance in parallel, but it will tell the currently running instance to open a new window instead. You have to close all running windows of Nautilus to start a new instance.

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