the max 3 notifications thing

for a long time now i thought this was a bug that gnome can only show 3 notifications per app. now i read somewhere this is a feature.
is there a way to revert this? its completely ruined gnome for me, and is currently unusable, so much so that ive moved to plasma. but plasma doesent feel like home. is there a way to revert this behaviour? otherwise ill have to be an ex-gnome user as i rely on a complete set of notifications to get my work done properly


It’s not 3 notifications per app. An app can send any number of notifications and they will be displayed as popup. But, only the most recent 3 notifications will be present in the “Notification Tray”


Can you explain your use case ?

i rely on notifications, from thunderbird, twitter and other sources, having it all in one central location makes everything easier not having to go through various apps all the time to see if there are any new messages that i missed (and i get a lot ). as it is now i can never be sure if i missed one and i have to keep checking the various apps.

i guess this is hardcoded in some binary that a normal user cant change?

Maybe we need to update the notification daemon rules to accommodate apps of different kinds .

@fmuellner: thoughts ?

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