Testers community on discourse


As a application maintainer, it would make a sense to me, to have a Testers community, where would be possible to ask testers to test application before release.

I imagine, that testers interested in making GNOME better could look up here on discourse application and then pick up from flathub/beta repository and test it.

What you think?


I think it’s a fantastic idea!

We lack a formal ‘Testing’ team in GNOME. In practice our stable .0releases are often buggy as the beta releases don’t see very wide testing. I’d love to see that get better.

Now that we have regular releases of GNOME OS - we have the ability to build a awesome Q&A framework where we can organize a tester community - so thanks @okias for proposing this. If you need any help let those of us in the engagement team know.

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I’ll throw first request for testing -> flatpak install flathub-beta org.gnome.PasswordSafe
We currently released 5.0 beta! If you found any bugs, we’ll be very thankful!

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