TechneNotes: a new open-source Linux-native markdown note-taking software for scientists and developers

Dear GNOME users (and open source enthusiasts),
I would like to invite you to test the newly released TechneNotes software, built with Python and GTK (official website : TechneNotes Software).
TechneNotes is an open-source Linux-native markdown note-taking software built for scientists and developers.
Please watch the introductory video (link in the website) to understand why TechneNotes was developed and how it may differ from other note-taking softwares (note: the video is only a brief introduction, explore the software to discover more).
Here are some of TechneNotes features:

  • performant database with support for hierarchical notes, pagination, ordering, and drag & drop functionalities
  • Markdown editor with powerful formatting options, to create structured media-rich web pages without programming knowledge
  • possibility to insert image/video galleries and links to local or remote files, to surpass the limitations of standard text documents
  • multi-tabs support, links to other notes and content sharing between notes

Considering your interest in Linux and open-source, I wanted to inform you of this newly released open-source Linux application.
TechneNotes is still under active development, so please refer to the official Github repository (GitHub - grovera-md/TechneNotes: Official TechneNotes Github repository) for documentation and/or issues.

Best regards,

TechneNotes creator (and GTK user)


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