Tablet: resize window buttons

I’m trying to use GNOME on a tablet with ubuntu 18.10, GNOME 3.30. Not too easy, but promising.
Major problem for which I could not find a solution:
Window buttons (close, maximize, minimize) are too small to be reliably hit with a finger and should be aroud double size.

Even this well-informed guy didnt find a solution:, other hits I found are very much outdated.

So the community might appreciate a solution for that, and I definitely do.

Thanks in advance,

What’s the DPI and scaling of your system, instead of making just the buttons bigger its would probably be better to scale the whole UI. Also since you are using ubuntu 18.04 you are probably using the preinstalled ambiance theme which is more narrow than adwaita and wasn’t ever designed for touch input devices. scratch that I missread the initial post, its actually 18.10 and yaru so it should be better than ambiance.


indeed it’s a great improvement to increase the UI’s scaling. I had to
activate wayland on that behalf and also “fractional scaling” with this

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features “[‘scale-monitor-

Nevertheless, the buttons still are quite small, so I’d still
appreciate a possibility to enlage them.


I’m moving this to the “Community” section, because configuration and styling is not really part of the development platform discussions.

I found that with wayland, you cannot use onboard touch screen keyboard, which is a “must-have” with a tablet under linux. I filed a bug report here.

I’m using yaru theme, nevertheless only at 200% zoom buttons have a useable size. But 200% is not really handy, something like 150% is not possible with Xorg.

So still bigger buttons are a really relevant issue - pleeeeazzze help!

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