Swap panels button in more prominent location

The “swap panels” feature added to the latest version was very welcomed! I’ve been waiting for that for years. Many thanks!

However it is buried in too many clicks. I find that I need this feature very often.

It would be nice to have it in a more prominent location. In similar GUIs it’s at the top of the window, between the two panels - that wouldn’t be possible here though, as there’s a splitter in the middle.

Maybe as a button in the toolbar? Or at least have it as an option (to be shown in the toolbar).

I’m sorry but this isn’t very likely to happen. I don’t believe that this is a common enough action for enough users that it justifies space on the toolbar.

I will point out that if you use it so frequently, there’s a keyboard shortcut (Alt+\) that you can use to avoid clicking through the menu.

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