Supporting multiple application windows despite of open modal dialogues

I have especially looked at functionality from the application “GNOME Evolution 3.36.5”.
I tried also the dialogue “Advanced Search” out (for example). It was noticed then that it belongs to the category of modal dialogues.
It is possible then to activate a previously opened application window. This window became unresponsive.

:thinking: If more application windows would be opened, I imagine that it can become challenging to determine in which other window a modal dialogue is displayed so that the interaction with the program is (temporarily) blocked.

I would like to switch between application windows easily so that they are usually responsive (also for such a program).

I found the tutorial “How to Use Modality in Dialogs” for the programming language “Java”. A modality model is described here.
Can such an information source influence further software evolution in affected application areas?

:crystal_ball: How are the chances to improve the implementation any more by GTK programming interfaces?

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