Support of CardDav and CalDav providers in Online Accounts


First of all, I would like to thank the entire community and Gnome team for such a well-coordinated work. I have been a regular Gnome user for almost 20 years. You’re in my :heart:

I’d like to add CardDav & CalDav account to Online Accounts so it shows up in Gnome Calendar, Contacts and To Do. What is the right way to do that? I’m just curious why there is integration with third-party vendors like Microsoft and Facebook, but there is no integration with CardDav & CalDav accounts?



I think Microsoft / Facebook expose a lot more interfaces than plain calendar / todo data interface. Hence, more users might find them useful, and hence on the Online Accounts list. Having said that doesn’t geary / evolution support caldav / carddav interfaces. I remember using evolution for that.


Well, from the conceptual point of view I’m not against any integration, including those that I don’t use. Obviously, any new integration makes a certain group of users a little happier, especially if this integration does a good job. So no, of course I don’t mind Microsoft / Facebook / Acme integrations.

However, I’m a bit surprised at the lack of support for standard Internet protocols (see RFC 4791 and RFC 6352). I suspect there must be a good reason for this, which I would be curious to know.


I can only speak for GNOME Contacts, but the reason we don’t have CardDAV support is that somebody needs to actually implement it (edit: in gnome-online-accounts) :slight_smile:


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