Support/donate to meld?

I was wondering is there a way to donate/support meld other than praying for its makers? :slight_smile:

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We usually don’t receive donations for specific GNOME projects, but we collect donations for the whole organization. You can donate to GNOME at Donate – GNOME

Thanks for your interest in helping!

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These might be stupid questions, but…

  • Does that link include donations to GTK?
  • Do (very) small amounts by users make a difference since there are these big sponsors?

Does that link include donations to GTK?

Yes, donations benefit GTK too.

Until very recently the Foundation was employing a GTK developer. Unfortunately, we no longer have the funds to continue with their employment. Donations, any size, could potentially allow us to grow into a position where we employ a GTK developer again. This budget could also be used for one-off contracts to implement important features in GTK or around the stack. There’s plenty of work that needs fund in the whole ecosystem. The GNOME Foundation uses donations to fund conferences, internships, infrastructure, and staff.

Do (very) small amounts by users make a difference since there are these big sponsors?

Yes, they do!

It’s impressive that we are able to produce so much with so few resources. Building something as big as GNOME costs a lot! If you’re interested in knowing more about the GNOME Foundation’s finances, check our annual reports. Reports – The GNOME Foundation *2020 is in the works.

Thanks for that! I always hesitated to donate because I wasn’t really sure if my humble 50 euro or so would matter much or if it’d be just a tiny drop in the bucket of large sponsors, in which case I probably need it more than GNOME. On the other hand, GTK has given me so much over the years, it’s just the decent thing to do.

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