Suggestions for the new Gtk website

I checked out the new Gtk website ( and found it better than the previous.
I want to give few suggestions, as follows.

  1. The bindings example for Python code is incorrect. Comments in Python start with #.
  2. Apps built with Gtk; the displayed apps are mostly GNOME maintained and I think, the examples should be more vivid, like cross-platform, famous, mostly used and be independent from GNOME as far as possible. Apps I think best fit for showcase: Guake, GIMP, Inkscape, Firefox (Linux version), Evolution, Transmission, MonoDevelop, Geany, Emacs GUI (?), ActiveState Komodo, Pitivi, and [more](
  3. The features section, should put “Opensource” and should include “Free” at the starting.
  4. We can remove this line “…make it the most trusted toolkit for developing Linux Apps.” Gtk is cross-platform, so I think, the focus for “Linux” could be dropped.
  5. At the bottom, under “Support” section, “Report a Bug” is in title case but “Request a feature” is not so.
  6. We can remove the bindings example. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t look good. Most of the programming related websites don’t include code examples at the start (but they have a "Get started"link). Like, our first impression should be great when a person visits our Gtk website. We can keep screenshots showing Gtk in action, with a lot of fancy and awesome things that could be done with it. And below the screenshots we can link a “Get started”.
  7. Change “Downloads” button at the starting to “Download”. It makes more sense.

So above are suggestions I thought of sharing. Feel free to tell me why they can’t be accepted :smile: [The website is under development, so the above suggestions could have been already considered.]

Sorry, but: no.

Please, file issues and/or merge requests.

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No, I want to know whether they are okay and improve it. Like a scratchpad to get community suggestions and apply them at last.

That’s not how this works.

If the website is working as intended, then the issue/merge request is going to be closed; if, on the other hand, you raised a legitimate issue, we’re going to track it and fix it.

Discourse is a user support forum, not an issue tracker—just like GitLab is an issue tracker and not a user support forum. Please, use the appropriate tool.

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Okay… will do it.

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