Suggestion : Use spaces at end of line for Markdown line breaks in evolution

When using markdown mode in gnome evolution mail, when replying to a message, line breaks from original message are coded with a <br> at the end of line. It would look much nicer/readable if just two spaces before end of line were used. This markdown syntax is documented here

  • Result is the same for generated html,
  • You don’t loose readability in plain text / markdown editing mode
  • It’s easier to edit if needed (eg in order to remove some line breaks your don’t want, you just have to remove line breaks, and do not need to care also about the addeds <br> tags.

Maybe this could be implemented while solving issue #2105 ?

I was not aware of this, but if it works, and cmark understands it,
then it’ll be surely better than HTML tags.

I’m not sure whether to deal with it in an existing unrelated bug (I
agree it is related, but the bug is about something else). In any case,
the next time, better to file feature requests directly to the bug
tracker, because it’s easier to track. It’s also better to not cross-
post or cross-reference, as you did in the bug (it’s “boring” to need
to click on a link to find a text you could safely copy&paste to the
bug itself).


Hi. Thanks for your reply. It seemed to me this forum was the good place for feature request, as evolution gitlab seemed to propose only a bug tracker, and this is not exactly a bug. When you open an issue in gitlab, you only have the “issue” type. There is no “feature” type available.

But ok, next time I’ll post an issue on gitlab.

I agree it’s confusing. GitLab has labels, which categorize the issues.
The feature request or bugs should be filled in the issue tracker at
the end anyway, because that’s the place which allows proper tracking
of them. Discourse is only a time-limited forum (currently autoclose
after a month of no activity in the thread), good for quick questions,
but useless for any real work tracking. At least from my point of view.

I changed my mind, I will cover your suggestion within the existing bug
changes you referenced above. See it for further updates.
Thanks and bye,

Forums like Discourse (or Twitter, or IRC chat, or a bar) are not made for work tracking but for general discussions and support. Task trackers are for work tracking. :slight_smile:

IMHO the “close topic one month after the last reply” policy is one of several things that make Discourse an inferior medium to a true mailing list.

Just a reminder that the Evolution mailing list continues to be available at:

and has no such limitation.

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