Subscribing to org.gtk.vfs.Metadata.AttributeChanged

Hi all:

I’m trying to subscribe to the DBUS signal org.gtk.vfs.Metadata.AttributeChanged to detect changes in the Metadata of files, but I’m unable to receive them. I tried with this piece of code (which works for other signals, like the ones from UDisks), changing the icon of a file while it is running, but doesn’t react to the AttributeChanged signal. I checked with dbus-monitor and it is being emitted, but I can’t receive it. Also tried with Javascript code, but had the same result.


using GLib;
// using GIO
using Gee;
using Gtk;

[DBus(name = "org.gtk.vfs.Metadata")]
interface Metadata_if : GLib.Object {
	public signal void AttributeChanged(string tree_path, string file_path);


void s(string a, string b) {
	print("Metadata signal received\n");

class MetadataTest : GLib.Object {
	GLib.DBusConnection dbus_connection;
    Metadata_if metadata;

	public MetadataTest() {
		try {
            this.metadata = Bus.get_proxy_sync<Metadata_if>(BusType.SESSION, "org.gtk.vfs.Metadata", "/org/gtk/vfs/Metadata");
		} catch (GLib.IOError e) {
            this.metadata = null;
			this.dbus_connection = null;
	public void do_print() {


int main(string[] args) {
    var c = new MetadataTest();
	var loop = new GLib.MainLoop();;
    return 0;

Found the bug: an uppercase ‘M’ letter.

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