Subprocess_newv not working outside MSYS2

i developed my application on MSYS2, now i am trying to start the application outside it for preparing to for distribution and i noticed that subprocess_newv doesnt work outside MSYS2.
Basically subprocess_newv creates the process as it is supposed to be but the output is not put into the pipe.

If the application is started from MSYS2 it works fine.
What am i missing ?

glib installs some helper binaries that you probably need, called gspawn-win32-helper I think.

Thanks for the answer, gspawn-win32-helper was already added because without it the subprocess was failing.
So it was indeed necessary to spawn the process but the pipe still doesn’t work… :frowning:

It was the mwindows compilation flag that broke the pipe, all fine - thabk you all!

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