" ^@^@^@ " string on reboot or poweroff

What is the ^@^@^@^@ string on teletype screen when reboot or poweroff and how to remove it ?

This has really nothing to do with GNOME. I encourage you to ask on the user support forum for your Linux distribution.

I was using gnome on arch linux and now on void linux.
That string appears on both.
Before installing gnome, i mean in tty mode (cli), that string doesn’t appear on both distro.

I’d still ask on your current distribution’s user support forum. It’s not uncommon for (niche) Linux distributions to reuse similar packaging rules.

^@ looks like some control sequence being sent to an output stream; it could mean anything: from a wrongly spliced stdout/stderr, to a missing O_CLOEXEC, to a wrong set up of getty.

Unless you know what component is printing out those control sequences, it’s very hard to give you an answer.

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