Stepping down from release notes

Hi everyone,

I have been spearheading the release notes for the last couple years, and I’ve decided that after 3.36 is out, I am no longer going to write and collect material for the release notes, screenshot pack or the press release blog post. I do not have the appropriate amount of free time to dedicate to doing a satisfactory job producing the content for the release notes, and I would rather spend what free time I do have contributing to something that does not cause me stress and anxiety. I’m happy to help maintain the release-notes repository, but I will no longer be collecting relevant topics and writing sections of text.



Thanks for you work, I hope you find something stress-relieving to contribute to :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work, it is very much appreciated!

We could form a committee for release-notes, so we don’t put this burden in somebody else’s back.

I think a committee or a sub-team of some sort is going to be the only way to produce release notes of any significant quality. I hope that the team can figure something out. I’ll be around to lend a hand, but I cannot lead the effort in the future.

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Thanks for all your work on this, @link! I really appreciate the way you picked it up.

When I gave up doing the release notes, my hope was that the Engagement Team would pick it up collectively, with the team lead taking responsibility for scheduling and managing the process. I would still love to see that happen!

Collective responsibility here is important. We need a bus factor of more than 1.

Thank you for all your efforts, @link!

You know what they say, when something is everybody’s job, it’s nobody’s job. I really hope we can find a new lead for this content project, though. Will try to send a few mails out.

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