Startup applications and multiple workspaces

Hi, I’m using GNOME in Ubuntu and I’m trying to get startup applications to launch in specific workspaces. Looks like a simple use case: have App 1 start in Workspace 1, App2 in 2, etc. However, the UI doesn’t offer a way to choose workspaces, the user gets all startup applications on the same workspace, and moving them to their correct destinations takes actually more work than simply starting the apps manually from each workspace.

Does GNOME offer a solution for this, even if it requires to go tweak obscure settings via command line?

What I did before asking here:

Searching online, there have been many attempts to solve this problem by using other apps (gdevilspie), GNOME extensions (Auto Move Windows), Dconf configurations… but (maybe I’m wrong) the recipes found online seem to be unmaintained and not compatible with the contemporary Linux-GNOME stack.

In the absence of a simple setting to place startup applications in specific workspaces, people take deeper paths that solve more complex problems but also require deeper tweaks, and risks:

  • Saving the entire session. Ok, that would be even better, but I tried org.gnome.SessionManager auto-save-session and it didn’t work in my system (a fresh Ubuntu 23.10 install).
  • Enabling Hibernate. Indeed, this would be fantastic, but my system doesn’t hibernate out of the box, and I need to venture on low-level tweaks that may leave my system unable to restart. This is my work & hobbies PC, and I’d rather not run that risk for such a small need (the apps in their workspaces).

See for instance the question about this problem that I asked yesterday on AskUbuntu.

PS: of course a simple solution is just to let the PC go to sleep instead of turning it off, but doing that every night in the middle of an energy and climate crisis… because of the apps & workspaces thingy is also overkill, no matter how small the energy consumption. It doesn’t scale. :slight_smile: Anyway, any help is welcome.