Standard widget that offers tree like file-browser?

Hello. We have FileChooser for choosing files and folders, that displays contents as a list (is grid possible?). Similarly, do we have any widget that displays the files and folders of a drive in a tree-like structure? If we should implement it on our own, what tips would you like to suggest? (like use Gio for handling file objects etc.)

No, there is no such widget in GTK.

Also: there is no icon view support in the file chooser widget.

You definitely want to use GIO; there’s literally no point in using anything else.

For widget, shall I use TreeView?

You can use a TreeView if your design is tree-based; you could also use a ListBox with each row containing an expander, if you don’t foresee traversing a deeply nested hierarchy. It depends on your use cases and design.

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