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I often face with the problem unavalability of the forum. Sometimes it works, but user avatars are not rendered and I see problems in the web inspector.

I just wanted to make sure these are known issues and someone is looking into fixing them.

It is noteworthy that always says that is everything is under control


Please, file issues on GitLab to let the sysadmins know.

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I’m not sure if this is right project, but I created a new one:

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I’ve had the same error just now

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I think covers h/w infrastructure status of the machine hosting the service, like machine-reboot / network-down etc. This issue is a software error in the GNOME discourse web application.

Even if monitors the web service, the service should be down, exactly at the time polls the service ( which happens every N minutes ). The current failure is a HTTP 500 error, and not a “Cannot connect to” error. Pretty sure that the later is monitored for, not sure about the former.


As a coincidence, today, I was automatically logged out of GNOME Discourse. And Web (GNOME Browser) says that is insecure…


The Discourse instance has been updated, and the container in which it runs needed to be cycled.


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