Some gnome shortcuts randomly stop and start working

I use the Gnome 41.2 on Wayland and made custom shortcuts:

  • super + [X] switches to workspace number [X] (2…7)
  • super + shift + [X] moves the current window to workspace number [X]
    Quite often, some of these shortcuts stop working. For example, right now, switching to workspaces 2, 4 does not work, but I can still move windows there.

Do you have any idea, what could cause this?

The most likely reason is that you have conflicting shortcuts. The switch-to-application-n shortcuts use super+[n] by default, so those are the prime suspects.

Settings should detect that conflict and resolve it for you, but if you set up the shortcuts by some other means (gsettings, dconf-editor, script), then it’s up to you to not create conflicting shortcuts.

I changed the shortcuts through settings. Furthermore, settings show no conflicting shortcuts:

I also do not see how it would explain that one day all the shortcuts work, another 2, 4 do not work, the next day only 1 and 3 work and so on.

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