Some core apps are outdated on Flathub

I noted that some core apps like Calendar, Contacts, Evince, gedit, Maps and Totem are still only available as v3.38.x on Flathub. Maybe it would be good to coordinate releases with updating Flathub versions if available?

Calendar/gedit are already 40(unless you’re looking at the metainfo, which might not contain the latest release number). The rest of apps are maintained by their upstream maintainers, but as those are volunteers, help updating them is very much welcome :slight_smile:

For older releases, the community & I have been doing a ton of work to keep them up to date the moment there’s a new release but I have been a bit busy with other stuff lately.

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Alright, then I will see where I can help.

KDE have a Flathub team that takes care of updating all the apps whenever a release is out. We can probably try doing something similar for the next release

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Maybe we could auto generate .json files for all modules that are part of a GNOME release and every app includes the required .json files from a git submodule? Then, in the simplest case, only the git submodule has to to be updated.

The time consuming task, isn’t updating the json and building, but rather making sure the application functions as intended after the update.

I don’t think that’s true. There are a bunch of apps that have close to 10 or 30 dependencies (Contacts, Totem). And I found a bunch of dependencies that were not updated for a while.

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