Some added functionality in the File Browser


I was wondering if we could have a menu option to record some most visited locations in the file browser? That way we can create shortcuts in the file browser. We can even make it such that the file browser reads a configuration file in each folder and shows the shortcuts we put there.


Do you mean you want to be able to create shortcuts to frequently visited directories, to be able to access them quicker?

Files has several ways to do that. You can bookmark directories by dragging them to the sidebar, you can star them from context menu (or Properties menu in Files 43.beta) and all starred directories show in “Starred” in the sidebar, or you can create a link to a directory (enable the context menu option in Preferences) which is a shortcut file that you can put where you want to be able to quickly access the linked directory from.

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Thank you,

Next time I will read the manual first.


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