Social Hour event

Hi everyone :wave:

I am very happy to let you know that on March 6th at 20:00 UTC we will have our first “Social Hour event”

It consists of a friendly and informal meet up with Gnome contributors where in every meeting we have a guest invited from other Free Software communities and we can share experiences, start making new collaborations and friends
This time we are pleased to have Muhammet Kara ( Libre Office Certified Developer) who will share with us his experience.

After the presentation, the topic of the call is: " Your first contribution in Free Software".
Share with us your story when and how you first started to contribute :heart_eyes:

Click the link to join us!

See you on Wednesday!



Is there a recording somewhere?

Hi @gavr

Unfortunately we don’t have a recording for this.
It went really well and we all shared our own experiences how we first started to contribute.

I hope you will join us in the upcoming meetings


Hi all,

As we are constantly trying to improve our Social Hour, I would love to hear your feedback on it.

If you have someone in mind that would be good to have in the call, or any other suggestions, we’d very much appreciate hearing about it.

Here is the link of survey :


I like the idea of the social hour and I’ve filled out the survey!

I was wondering if it would be good to run use it to allow GNOME community members to chat amongst themselves, either about GNOME stuff, or random topics. I was also wondering if it would be good to use video conferencing…

Hi Allan,

Yes that’s the idea of this initiative, last time we talked about our experience in Free Software and how we got involved with GNOME.
Regarding the video conference would be nice, but I am not very familiar with it and I am not sure which platform or technology is used for that.


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