Slashdot: new GNOME window manager?

Is there a thread somewhere about this? I have a feeling the article is misleading. smells like a rumor. Still. I have personally been pining for a touch-first window manager for a solid decade, and while Gnome is my favorite for touch screens, it’s still far more keyboard-friendly than touch-oriented.

Hello Travis,

It’s not a rumour. The original link is Rethinking Window Management – Space and Meaning, and it’s linked in the Slashdot article.

They invite any extension developer to develop an extension to conduct experiments to see if this new window management (not new window manager) can work.

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Here is what I think about it:
I almost have no usecase where I need to see more than one window at once. Seeing multiple windows at once confuses and distracts me. I never understood the idea of having multiple windows stacked one over the other, which is the default when you have multiple windows on one workspace or in any other DE. Its even visually difficult to distinct one window from the other. While I think it might make sense to have multiple windows on one workspace when they belong to a single task or project, it still confuses to see them stacked one over the other. Lets say I am working on a shell script and have a terminal open, a text editor and a web browser for researching commands. Its nice to have all these windows on a single workspace since they belong to one task/project I am working on, it still makes no sense for me to have lets say the web browser with all its bling bling and blinking adds or even any other windows in the background of the terminal I am working on. Its just pure distraction. If I switch to a window by alt-tab ov via the overview, I almost always want to see this window only, and nothing else in the background. So to achieve this and to stay focused, I have to press super+d first to hide all windows, then switch to the desired window via overview or alt-tab.

I wish there was a default setting that when you chose a window by alt-tab or via the overview, only this chosen window gets displayed, while all others hide.

Maybe does someone know of an extension that does exactly this?

Maybe it’s best to open a new topic to discuss this, as this one doesn’t really invite discussion of this and has been marked as resolved.

To reply to your post:

  • The planned mosaic layout (but that the design team must test) will avoid the stacking of windows.
  • If you don’t want to have the apps stacking up, you can move them separately to a workspace (i.e. one app per workspace). You can also drag-and-drop apps from the app grid to workspaces. Then, open Settings, go to Multitasking, scroll down to App Switching and choose “Include apps from all workspaces”; this will allow you to switch between all apps with Alt+Tab. I don’t know of any extensions.

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